Waverley-2, Scotland…

August is approaching the fence of our garden to jump over and leave this year. He has not been very generous, giving only few days of splendid sunshine. The morning of the Sunday 21st was scheduled to get a cruise on Waverley, the last paddle steamer in the world, along the west coast of Scotland. Although I had lived and worked in Glasgow eight years I didn’t manage to get on board on Waverley then, and on this dull and gloomy Sunday I had no wish to cancel the cruise. It was drizzling when we boarded the famous boat with the usual temperature of the month at 12-13 C. We embarked in Helensburg and headed south towards Dunoon and Largs. The drizzle changed to rain and a strong wind forced the passengers to stay inside. My camera was frustrated and I was watching my fellow passengers. I was attracted by a happy family of six, man and wife, three charming children and ( I presume) an aunt sitting in the first line of chairs having the best view of the shore to our left. After two hours the rain stopped and the weather cleared, several of us stepped out on he deck to watch the misty shores at the distance. My favourite family were still watching from the window, inside. It took the father centuries to command his iPhone and get a front line view on the Waverley, but for his beloved daughters enjoying the tablets crossing southwest to the coasts of Scotland it was a new brave and wonderful world…

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